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Instructions: Rental Listings

August 4, 2017 by admin

We have provided a guide here to walk you through listing your RV Lot, Park Model or Campground Rentals By Owner on

Step1: Sign up  Click the “Sign Up”Link located in the top right corner of the page.

  1. Create username, enter your email address, create password, re-type password and check the box “I want to rent my property”.  Go down the bottom of the page and click on the link “Terms and Conditions“. After you have read Terms and Conditions check the box, then click “Create Account” Button.
  2. Exit this sign up screen and click on “Log In” located top right corner of screen.
  3. You are now in your “My Profile“. This is where you will input your contact information.  You can include as much or as little as possible.  You must have your email address here so potential renters can contact you.
  4. You can accept payments on your own outside of this system, or  if you have a paypal account and would like to accept payments by paypal, then you will enter your paypal email address at the bottom of the page. If you would like to accept debit cards/credit cards online as well, then you will need to enter your paypal email address.  Many people don’t know this, but if someone does not have a paypal account, you can still accept debit or credit card payments from them if you have a paypal account by having them proceed to the paypal payment page. On this page, just under where they would login with their paypal credentials in small print says “Pay by credit/card or debit card”.  If they click this link, then they can input their payment information and can pay you.  They are still protected as paypal processes the transaction, so you will never see their card number. This comes in handy if you choose to use the invoice feature in our system.

Step 2: Choose your Membership Account 

  1. Click the link “My subscription” located on the left hand side of the screen below “My Profile”. Choose the Membership Package that best suits your needs.
  2. If you would like for your membership to automatically renew when due, then check the “make payment recurring”. If you do not select this box, then you will get a notice when it is time to renew your account.
  3. Click on the “Pay with Paypal”.  You will need a paypal account or, you can click on the link near the bottom of the paypal login page which says” Pay with Debit or Credit Card”

Step 3  Add New Property

  1. Click on “Add New Property” located on the left side of screen several down from “My Profile”. If you have not chosen a membership package and payment yet, then you will get a message that your package does not include listing a property.  If you have made payment, then you will have access to enter your property information.
  2. Title – Mandatory. This is where you will want to create a Title to draw people in to look at your listing.
  3. Category-  Mandatory.  Select the appropriate Category.
  4. Listed IN/Room Type– Mandatory. Select the appropriate drop down.
  5. Guest NO – Mandatory. Select the maximum number of guests allowed.
  6. City – Mandatory. Make sure to double check your spelling to make sure your spelling is correct.
  7. Neighborhood– Not Mandatory but highly recommended. List the name of the Neighborhood or Development.  Make sure to double check your spelling to make sure your spelling is correct.It helps people locate you.  If not in a neighborhood, then list the area name that would give people a good indication where you are located.
  8. Property Description– This is where you will use your words to describe your property.  You can include your contact information in this description if you want it to be public, or you can not enter that information here, and potential renters will click on a button that says “contact owner” and you will receive a message from within our system that notifies you by email. Some owners prefer to keep their information private until they are ready for the prospective renter to have their information. This is up to you as it is a personal preference.
  9. Instant Booking Box– If you would like for prospective buyers to make a reservation online, then you can check this box “Allow instant bookings”.  If you select this box, then you will not have the option to reject their reservation. Some will check this feature and also include in their description that any bookings reserved online do not become official until after rental agreement and rules and regulations have been signed by renter and returned to owner. If you do not check this button here, then when someone wants to book, you will receive a notification email and gives you the option to have the system create an invoice to send to the potential renter for payment. Using this format, you will also have the option to communicate with potential renter prior to them sending payment.
  10. Continue – Click Continue to go to next page. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Go to Price Settings”
  11. Property Price – The prices you enter here, are your default prices.  That means, the price you list here are the prices potential renters will see when they do a search unless (which we will teach you in a few steps later) you create special pricing for certain circumstances or dates. If you create special pricing, then it will override the default prices you list here on certain dates. An example is: Nightly Pricing $65/night could be the default nightly pricing, but if you rent for a week, then the pricing will reduce to $60/night.  If you want to stay for a month, then the rate drops to $30/night.  We will teach you in this section how to set this up.  However, if you rates change for example are higher during peak season, then we will teach you in another section how to create pricing for specific dates that will override your default pricing here. Let’s start here first.
  • a. Price per Night – This is your default nightly rate. Example: 65 (Disregard Before label and After label. Do not input any information here)
  • b. Taxes in %-  If eleven percent, then enter 11 here. Important- Invoice does not add taxes to total, you will need to include the tax amount in the total rental amount you list.  What this does is calculate the  % Tax number you input from the total so you will know how much you will need to pay.
  • c. Price per night if the item is rented for more than 1 week (7 nights) or more than 1 month (30 nights) This would be your default rate for if someone is renting for 7 nights or more or more than 30 nights.  You set this rate.  If the rate is no different than your Nightly Rate, then leave these blank.  Use this section if your pricing is different for longer stays. Using Example above: $60 Nightly rate would default unless you have put in $60 here for over 7 days. If someone put in a search for less than 7 days, then they would get the $65/night rate. If they put in a search for 8 days, then they would get the $60/night rate. If you put $30 a night for the over 30 days, and they do a search for 30 days, then they would get the $30/night rate.  Helpful Hint: If you only rent long term and the rate is for example $500/month, then you would only put in $16.66/night if over 30 days and can leave the default nightly and the default weekly blank. There are many options here for you to design based on your needs.

  • Price per Weekend – If you want your weekend nightly rates to be different than nightly rates, then you can enter that here.
  • Cleaning Fee-  You can enter cleaning fee here
  • City Fee- You can enter any City Fee’s here
  • Minimum Days of Booking-  If you allow only 1 night rentals, then you can put that here.  If you only allow 7 day rentals, then you could put that here. If you only allow 30 day rentals, then you could put that here. If you only allow 1 year rentals, then you could put in 365.
  • Security Deposit–  If you charge a security deposit, then you can put in that amount here. When the system creates the invoice for you, it will have this amount listed to collect for reservation or booking.
  • Early Bird Discount – You can enter an early bird discount here if you would like.
  • Extra Guests– If you charge for extra guests, you can add that amount here.
  • If you allow bookings to start on any day of the week, then keep this section to “all”. If you only allow checkins or checkouts on specific days of the week, then change this to those days.
  • Any Extra Options can be added here. Some may charge more for access to storage shed, or my have the option of adding golf cart rental.
  • Price Adjustments – This is where you would add special pricing for custom dates of the year. The prices you add here will override your default prices you listed earlier for the dates listed here. You do not have to enter anything here if you are happy with your default dates, but this option is here primarily for short term rentals where the prices change seasonally.
  • 1. Click on the date on the calendar that you would like your special pricing to begin. If this period is for longer than the dates shown on this view of the calendar, then just select an end date in view, you can type in the correct date on the next screen. Once you select two dates, a custom screen will open.
  • 2. On the custom screen. Make sure your start and end date is correct. If not, type in the correct dates for this period of pricing.
  • New Price in $- This is your nightly rate during these custom dates that will override your default nightly rate you put in earlier.
  • Extra Price per Guest $ – This price will be effective for these custom dates. It will override any other extra guest rate you put in, but only for these dates.
  • Price per night for 7+ nights – This is your over 7 night rate during these custom dates that will override your default nightly rate you put in earlier.

  • Price per night for 30+ days – This is your over 30+ night rate during these custom dates that will override your default nightly rate you put in earlier.

  • Price per weekend in $ – This is your weekend night rate during these custom dates that will override your default nightly rate you put in earlier.

  • Minimum days of booking – This is your minimum days of booking allowed  during these custom dates that will override your default minimum days of booking  you put in earlier. Short Term renters typically use this. Example: They may rent Monthly during the off season but only rent weekly during prime season.  They could put in their prime season dates and say minimum booking is 7 days.

  • You can also override your check in and check out dates for these special custom dates.
  • When completed, press the “set price for period” button.

Your New Custom date pricing will appear under the calendar. If it looks right, then you are set. If it is not then you can delete it and start again.  You can create as many of these custom date overrides that you need.

12. Images – Near the top of the screen is a light grey bar. Click on images to set up images. You can click here to add your images.  You can add up to 5 images.  You can also link a video if you have one. Click Save when you are finished.

13. Details – Near the top of the screen is a light grey bar. Click on description. This allows you to add more details.

14. Location– Near the top of the screen is a light grey bar. Click on location. This allows you to add your address and create a pin on the map so when renters are doing a map search, you will show up on the map. The correct latitude and longitude details should auto populate for you.

15. Amenities – Only check amenities that renter will have access to. Example: If you have a clubhouse but renters are not allowed access to, then do not select clubhouse.

16. Calendar– If you have any dates that are already renter or your lot or park model is not available for a specific date, you will click on the dates here to show it’s not available.


Bookings and Reservations:  When someone clicks the contact owner, you will receive a message in your inbox located on the left side of this screen near the bottom.  You will also receive notification to your email if you email address is entered correctly.

You have the option of sending them the invoice that the system created for you based on the information you have input. If you use this feature, then the potential renter will receive and invoice and the option of clicking on the paypal link to pay via paypal or credit or debit.